A symptom of depression, anxiety and stress . It’s very common to feel lonely at times. Especially if you are single, isolated, working alone, or moved to a new city. It’s an awful feeling to experience and can lead to chronic depression.  After a tough break up or being betrayed by a best friend hurts every time, but what happens after is life altering.  You will begin to do things alone and learn new hobbies. Perhaps meet new people along the way.  It’s a self healing process that most of us have gone through.  For me, I found peace working out and taking care of my body.  When we go through heart ache our self esteem drops tremendously.  We need to first build that back up to heal ourselves.  And it’s not going to come from advice from a friend,  drinking alcohol to numb the pain, or even drastically moving to a new city to start fresh.  Self esteem is crucial in any aspect of life. You need to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin to succeed in life. When I say “confident” I don’t mean egotistical and cocky. It’s picking your head up, not dragging your feet, smiling, laughing, eye contact with people, etc.  Once we realize we are worth our weight in gold we can accomplish bigger and better things and open up to meeting new people and building new relationships. After all, that is how we grow. You can’t teach experiences, you go through them and learn. You can survive heart ache. And you will be a better person for going through it.  If you read my posts over and over and over. You will start to memorize it and it will stick in your head forever altering your train of thought.  You will be more positive and optimistic about the future. Which leads to success 

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