The Resilient Nature

The Resilient Nature

Everybody faces obstacles, challenges and endures physical and emotional pain.  We all look for any kind of rhyme or reason for why this is happening to us.  We wish we knew answers to questions we seek to feel comfort. “Will I ever find another relationship”, “Will I become successful” , “how is my life going to unfold”.  Our minds can often wonder around aimlessly and leads us right to stress.  Which in turn can distract us, fatigue us, and depress us.  If you spend your time worrying about everything that’s going on in your life then your time that could be used doing something productive, will go to waste.  Sometimes a 20 minute meditation to slow down your racing mind can increase your productivity immensely and achieve much more in your time, then trying to rush through it all.  You can refocus yourself to concentrate on one task at a time and stop all the other worries in life from taking the wheel. It’s your brain and your mind.  You can control it, you just need the tools on how.

What I do is carry around a small notepad. No bigger than the size of my pocket. And when I can feel myself stressing out at work, I will write down what’s on my mind.  Then I will write down a percentage out of 100% on what’s more important than the others. Then I will write my plan of attack beside each worry and give it a time or day that I will focus on that task. If deadlines are coming up, I will write down what needs to be done in order to complete it all. I would then I will go for a break. I will shut my eyes and meditate by focusing on my body. Nothing else. Just feel my body and the chair that’s supporting me. I will envision myself as a strong, energetic and ambitious person and feel myself gaining strength.  When I am ready, I will subconsciously tell myself that I will complete these tasks one step at a time.  No matter the speed or time that it takes, it will get completed and it will be perfect.

You will find that an eased mind is a strong mind. You will think clearer and problem solve faster. You will gain more energy because you’re not wasting it worrying about other tasks that need to be completed. You are only one person and once you realize that mistakes happen and problems will go away you can concentrate and when this is achieved you will find that you will soon get ahead in life because things are getting done much easier and faster. Train yourself mentally for a more successful and fulfilling life.  I recently started exercising  for 30 minutes a day.  even just a simple walk will increase your brain activity immensely.  Or, if you have a treadmill or elliptical you can also jog for 10 minutes at a time 3x a day.  it’s all up to you on how you want to approach this.  in the end I can’t make you do it, but if your reading this I’m sure 95% of you are wanting change in your life and are searching for answers on how to achieve it.  you need to read all my posts to see that it is possible for you to become successful and overall happy in your life.  I recently started my own electrical company and I’m striving in my career to free myself from financial stress.  this was all obtained through everything I have posted on this site.  I want you all to feel the same way as I do today after picking myself up from rock bottom.  remember that nobody cares what you did 3 years ago, its tomorrow that matters most.




The Alcoholic Diaries

The Alcoholic Diaries

When you’re in the midst of dealing with an alcoholic or have one in your family, just remember that the disease ruins not only the subjects life, but potentially everyone else around them as well. Relationships that involve one drinker and one non drinker usually will not work.  And when I say “drinker” I mean a “weekend warrior”. Someone who drinks and parties every weekend like I used to do.  I never seen anything wrong with it before, until things started to spiral and it was bringing me down every time.  I try not to look back at the past 10 years or so, not all of it was bad but I think about the times I put up with people who were bad influences to me and how I acted when I was around them.  You may be right when you say it was my choice to hang out with them and I should take some responsibility.  Which I do, to a degree. When you’re an alcoholic you leave yourself vulnerable and mentally weak when it comes to decision-making.  I wasn’t in a good place the past 10 years.  I hadn’t realized that I was struggling with depression and anxiety until 2 years ago and that I was basically a ticking time bomb.  The only time I truly felt happy was when I was drunk.  I was miserable 8 hours a day, everyday, while at work and it really took a toll on me.  So when Friday came around, instead of dealing with my problems I just wanted to get shit faced and forget my name for a while.  So yeah, looking back at it today with clear eyes I can definitely see what happened and where I went wrong.  But one thing that I’ve learned to do and will continue to do is forgive myself for all the stupid mistakes I made while I was drunk.  I can do this because when I look back at who I was, I can see that I was battling a mental illness that was turning me into someone I wasn’t. But when your in your mid 20’s , young and nieve, most people wouldn’t think about a possible mental illness and deny alcoholism was an issue. So if you want to point the finger at me and say “nobody made you drink, you need to take full responsibility for your actions” the weak-minded alcoholic me would say “ok” and tuck my tail in between my legs.  But not today. Not me now.  I wanna make this as clear as possible when I say I owe NOBODY an apology except myself.  If I said something to you or did something to you in the past while drunk.  You need to realize that I wasn’t myself and that mental illnesses can take control of you’re the state your in and make you say or do things you never would if sober.  “Drunk words are sober thoughts” are only true if the person doesn’t have a drinking problem.  You ever see alcoholics on the street babbling to themselves? You think their just thinking out loud about politics? NO! They’re fucking crazy cuz the booze made them lose their damn minds years ago. And that’s where I was heading if I didn’t get help so screw you if you think I owe you an apology. I don’t owe anyone anything. Some of my family members won’t even reach out to me to see how I’m doing these days.  And that bothers me a lot because if I knew a family member was struggling with a mental illness I would care enough to at least shoot them a txt to say hi.  I suppose some people change and don’t give a shit about anyone else but themselves. Thinking they are always in the right with their noses in the air.

I know alcoholics can say or do some pretty mean things, but if you show support and help them get better and deal with their issues instead of drinking them away.  You’ll see the sober person appear and realize it was all worth it in the end.  Maybe they just had a tougher time than you growing up, that doesn’t make you superior to them



The following all natural supplements are absolutely essential in order to be at your very best, everyday! I know this for a fact, because I literally take every single one of these, every single day.  It’s changed my life completely.  I used to be unmotivated, extremely tired, lazy and also had trouble concentrating and finishing tasks that I was procrastinating doing for as long as I possibly could.  I went to a neuropathic doctor and we came up with a game plan for myself to try these products for a couple of weeks to see if any improvements had been made.

Not only did i see improvements, but I felt the best I had ever felt. It was a complete 180 from where I was! I was finishing tasks faster and problem solving at work a lot faster because my brain wasn’t clouded. I was thinking more clearly and sharper, and found I could concentrate a lot longer, and most importantly, I had energy again!! I was extremely frustrated that some days I couldn’t get out of bed due to my depression. I was able to go to work 8 hours during the day and come home to do house work.  If you take better care of your body the results will come, I promise you.

You need to be taking at least 3-4 of these vitamins/supplements yourself to see results. The lavender oil will help you relax, so you in turn sleep better and wake up refreshed. The ADR will get you out of bed and motivated to start your day. Vitamin C will boost your immune system helping to keep you healthy (missing work will no longer be an issue due to a head cold).  Vitamin B plays a huge part in keeping you healthy by improving blood flow and regulating thyroid. Finally, the fish oil will help your brain think more clearly and sharper! I think you get the picture here; these health benefits and improvements are exactly why you need to take all of the vitamins/ supplements in order to be at your very BEST every single day!


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The domino effect 

The domino effect 

As we age, we go through numerous events that wear and tear our bodies emotionally and physically.  It’s inevitable.  Nobody in this world can say that nothing bad has ever happened to them.  Some, maybe more than others. We carry that pain with us for years.  Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are today?  Do you think well, this is how God made me.  “I’m a shy, anti-social loner and will be for the rest of my life”.  “I hate big crowds so I avoid shopping as much as possible”. “I hate my physical attributes, why couldn’t I look like those celebrities”.  I could go on and on about the imperfections most people face on a day to day basis.

The thing that most people don’t understand is that you can change the way you feel.  You can even change the way you THINK.  Imagine that. You could think differently.  I laughed to myself when I first heard this idea of thinking differently, how is that even possible . My brain will always work the same way.  Unless I get surgery maybe?

No, you do not need surgery to rewire your brain.  What you do need to do is put in some effort.  I believe that if we can conquer one thing, it creates a domino effect on the others.  For example ;  if you’re dealing with low self esteem and have been for years, you can alter the way you think of yourself. Which in turn will give you confidence, take away insecurities and will better your relationship with your wife/husband etc.

If your relationship has vastly improved you may start to feel happier in a battle with depression, and improve your cognitive behaviour.  If your brain is functioning a lot better than before, maybe you’re improving at work, and now not so stressed over layoffs because you’re proving to be more reliable.

Now you become less stressed and able to save money because you don’t need that first beer after work every Friday from a long week.

See what I mean? It might not fall into place that perfectly, but if you give it time and patience. You’re going to see your life vastly improve.  It took you 20+ years to reach a level where mental illness took control over us. So give it a year or two, in order to feel the best you have ever felt.

If this is you or you’re dealing with a different illness, I have pages on various topics and am anticipating more to come including PTSD and postpartum depression.