It’s not rare to find cases of alcoholism or addiction associated with depression anxiety or stress. After all, how great is a cold beer after a stressful day at work? As we grow older, our responsibilities increase, meaning we have to act accordingly. Get to work on time, pay our bills, raise children, maintain the house, etc. The list goes on. Some of us barely have time to take care of ourselves. The problem with that is, not only is it unhealthy but it will lead to a mental breakdown , then, look out world! So for that reason, it’s easy to just grab some wine, case of beer, pack of cigarettes, and a bottle of rum and self medicate. It’s quicker, you can multitask (until the rum kicks in) and unwind a lot more when inebriated. We place ourselves in stressful environments and expect ourselves not to become alcohol dependant. The problem with having the occasional drink after work is, sooner or later that 1 glass of wine isn’t going to cut it anymore. You won’t feel the same buzz you were at 1 drink, and you’ll need two, then three, then 4, and. Well you get the point. 

           This starts a chain reaction of issues that are going to occur. What was once a drink after work was actually the starting point on a long highway of issues. Now don’t get me wrong, some people CAN have that one drink and keep it to once a week. But I’m willing to bet their stress level isn’t nearly as high as someone who “needs” it 3-4-5 times a week. It’s human nature. We don’t WANT to be stressed out. But it’s an easy fix right? 

         Alcohol can lead someone towards awful-awful choices and risk their lives continuously for that “quick fix” and may find themselves diving into drugs such as marajuana or cocaine. And the spiral downward will continue as depression grows, so does stress anxiety and brain cognitively. The only way to defeat this horrible disease is to seek help or even better, treatment. You may need to also have a change in scenery. Meaning different lifestyle choices. If your serious about getting sober, the friends you used drink with will have to find someone else to call. WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH, is who you become.  If your friends are stoners, chances are you will be too, if they drink too much, chances are you will too.  Talk to successful people. Engage in conversations, and find out what makes them tick.  If you hang out with them long enough they’re qualities will start to rub off on you. It’s about raising your standards.  If your tired of being a drunk and/or drug abuser. I dare you to raise that bar.  I dare you to read over these pages each day till you memorize it and change your life for the better.                             

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