Assisting Victims of PTSD – Love, Affection, Care and Attention Can Save Lives
Most people suffering from PTSD often experience extreme anxiety, insomnia and
have vivid nightmares. This can often lead to short term memory loss which in turn
could cause serious damage to a person’s psychological health. Getting the victim
treatment as soon as possible is very important so as to avoid complications.
Immediately a victim of PTSD starts to exhibit harmful tendencies, only the right
treatment will ensure that the victim eventually learns how to cope with their condition
and eventually become cured. Getting an appointment with a specialist or medical
practitioner that can accurately diagnose the victim and prescribe the best method of
treatment is the first and most important thing to do when you notice someone
exhibiting symptoms of PTSD.Helping Someone with PTSD

If you have a friend or relative that has been diagnosed with PTSD, there are ways you
can be of assistance to them. First of all, always remember to show them love and
affection as much as possible, also try to show them the brighter side of life so they
won’t be depressed. Discussing the issue or event that caused the trauma can also help.
If the PTSD isn’t too severe, a simple conversation with the person will do the loads of
good. Giving them a semblance of a normal conversation will keep them grounded.
Monica, for example, when she found out her husband Phil was diagnosed with PTSD
took him every evening to the park they met as lovers just to talk and reminisce. Within
a few weeks, the doctors discovered that Phil had made astonishing progress in his
struggle against PTSD. Keep in mind that an aura of positivity is needed for people
recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is important however, not to go
overboard as this might lead to some negative effects. Meditation, yoga and other
relaxing techniques have also proven to be a huge help to PTSD patients.

Organizing reunions, small parties to show love to the victim will help them reintegrate
easily. PTSD is a very difficult condition to handle but showing these victims love,
affection, care and attention can actually save lives.

No matter how much effort you put into making PTSD patients feel better, some times
it just isn’t enough – which is why there are professionals who can properly handle the
patients. Consider taking your relative or friend to a Mental Health Counselor who can
guide and help them handle PTSD well.

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