Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can lead to some of the most traumatizing experiences ever

Sexual abuse can lead to some of the most traumatizing experiences ever and no body is meant to endure such an experience. As a parent, an individual, or a member of the society, there are a lot you can do top inadvertently prevent sexual abuse from happening to you or anybody around you. Below are some steps you could take to prevent it:

Educate yourself

In order to stand against sexual violence at all times and never be caught off guard, you should take the time to educate yourself on the myths and the facts behind it. Take for instance, a lot of people still believe sexual assaults are committed by strangers; but in actuality, 90% of most sexual assaults are perpetrated by close friends and relatives. Moreover, it’ll be wrong to let your guard down or appear sexually provocative even around the people you trust.

Don’t give off a wrong sense of gender roles

Research has shown that a lot of perpetrators of sexual abuse are victims of a rigid understanding of femininity, homophobia, and masculinity. This is usually caused by statements like “Girls don’t play football” or “pink is not a color for boys”. These statements sometimes pass wrong messages and can lead to the perpetration of sexual abuse. Additionally, homophobia has been directly linked as a cause of sexual violence or sexism.

Change begins with you

Make an effort to model proper and healthy associations to other people. You are obligated to always respect people in the society and never attempt to abuse someone immorally. At the same time, you shouldn’t keep to yourself and endure unhealthy relationships; break out because you deserve better!

Take Rape seriously

While some people make funny jokes about sexual assault and rape, you are not expected to be part of them. As a matter of fact, it is your duty to always stand up to those types of jokes and to explain how it can dramatically influence a person’s life!

Stand up for survivors

Let the people around you and in the society understand that you are willing to always provide help, resources and advice to sexual assault issues whenever they arise. This portrayal of availability can reduce the possibilities of sexual violence and make a very big difference to those who might have fallen victim to it.

In conclusion, these tips should help make the society a better place and reduce occurrences of sexual assaults around you. However, if by any means you have been a victim of this vile offence and you are having trouble dealing with the experience’s aftermath; you should immediately walk up to a mental health counselor who can help you out of that stronghold.

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