Trust The Process

You know what really bothers me most about hard headed people.  Its when they say they had a bad childhood growing up also.  They start going into details, yada yada yada, like as if in their heads, they had it much worse off than everybody else, and since they seem content with their life, we should all just feel fortunate.  You ever have someone do that to you? or make it seem like you have a lot to be thankful for, so cheer up and be happy.  Things could always be worse according to them.

I want to say first off, nobody’s childhood was perfect.  you show me someone who claims it was, and ill show you a liar.  we all had things growing up that maybe didn’t seem bad at the time, but when we look back now, we cringe.  For me, looking back I feel stupid for not standing up for myself more.  I didn’t have that self confidence as a kid, and classmates took advantage of that I suppose.  But it still bothers me at times today, and I know what your saying, just let it go and move on with your life.  Well, I have, and I’m doing just fine now in my life but that doesn’t mean that my guards are up from past traumatic things that have happened.  And whose to rate these events in order from worst to “Not So Bad”.  These same people that seem to think they have the authority to rank our past history and tell us how we should feel today, are the same people that need a lot of help themselves.  They lack empathy and maturity to put it quite bluntly.  So if you ever come across one of these people, just smile and nod.  Their opinion is that of a child’s.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation on why you feel the way you do.  The world we live in is far from perfect and you see celebrities now a days checking into rehab like it was the town attraction.  Famous people struggle just as much as anyone else and money doesn’t change that.  Money doesn’t provide happiness, it only provides freedom.  “The lottery will ruin you” Joe Rogan once said.  You have to earn everything you get in this life, and that’s the only way your gonna learn to appreciate the finer things.  That’s what makes us successful in life.  If you enjoy driving the bus every morning and getting people to work, then your a success! If you love teaching kids because it gives you fulfillment money cant buy then you are a success.  Be proud of who you are and what you do.  If you enjoy doing your occupation, the money will come, but if your miserable at work everyday, the job pays well, but it depresses you in the process well, it may be time to consider changing your occupation.  There is still a lot of time for money to be made, but what’s the point when every morning is a struggle to get up.  We cant take money with us when we pass away, so why do we put ourselves through such misery in order to afford that luxury vehicle we don’t need.

The only thing we leave behind in this world is our presence in which people remember us by.  That’s why building strong relationships with people is so important.  Be sympathetic for someone.  Show support for strangers.  I’m no angel myself, I tend to get a little irritated when someone cuts me off in traffic but I do try my best to be more available to anyone who needs me there for them.  Do the same for yourself.  Sign up to coach a kids team and teach them everything you know.  You will find that fulfillment maybe you’ve been missing for awhile.


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2 thoughts on “Trust The Process

  1. This is my pet hate! My grandmother said to me the other day “when you’re down, just think to yourself “does anyone in the world have it worse than me”, that will make you realise you don’t have it bad”…. my mother says “you need to get over it and stop harping on about the past”….. I agree with you, it’s our truth, our story and just because someone else has “got over their’s” (read is in denial) doesn’t mean we have to be. X

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    1. 100% my friend. Don’t ever let someone tell you how to feel. Thank you for sharing that with us!

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