Spousal abuse 

Spousal Abuse – Keep the Wedding Vows IntactSpousal abuse is referred to as abusive conduct between two partners usually
married to each other. Abuse can be physical, verbal or emotional but it in long
run it can cause great physical or emotional damage to a person. Spousal
abuse is often called domestic violence or intimate partner violence.

Types of Behavior meted out in Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse involves some kind of physical abuse perpetrated by one
partner towards the other like rape or physical violence. It is observed that
spousal abuse often involves the following

Verbal abuse like using threatening, degrading and intimidating language
Mental or emotional abuse where one partner mentally tortures the other
in some way or the other

Financial abuse includes denying the basic necessities required or not
providing the basic living expenses.

If there is spousal abuse in a relationship it can take the form of one or all the
above mentioned types of conduct. The most vital concern is that most
instances of spousal abuse go undetected as they are rarely reported. Although
in a relationship one partner is bearing the brunt of the abuse he or she may
still be hesitant to report the matter as they are still not willing to involve their
partner in legal matters. Sometimes the abusive partner may threaten the
spouse with more abusive behavior if they go to the police to file a case. But
legal intervention does become necessary if the matter turns serious

Legal Consequences of Spousal Abuse

Domestic abuse injunction is a court order to remedy chronic cases of spousal
abuse. It is an order from the court to the abusive spouse to stay away from the
victim either temporarily or permanently depending on the intensity of abuse.
The partner found guilty has to face many serious implications like Criminal
charges or civil lawsuit. Criminal charges are levied in the form of fines or
imprisonment or both if aggravated violence is involved. But in case a civil
lawsuit is filed by the victim the offender will be required to pay damages in the
form of hospital fees, counseling fees or attorney’s fees. Spousal abuse can
have many negative implications like it may lead to divorce and fighting for
the custody of children.

To conclude matters of Spousal abuse are treated on a priority basis and often
result in strict penalties basically to safeguard the victim from further abuse.

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