Are You Sufferring From Stress? Learn more Here

Are you taking stress seriously?
Staying healthy does not only involve sleeping, exercising and constantly avoiding fried
foods; relaxing is one of the most important factors to your health’s good state. A lot of
people don’t actually realize how much stress adversely affects their health and in this
article, we will be sharing some insight on this topic.
 Dangers of StressIt might sound a bit extreme, but according to a psychologist at Ohio state university
– Kiecolt-Glaser – stress reduces the effectiveness of our immune systems since it
provokes an immune response on its own. She explains that stress makes the body to
give of pro-inflammatory cytokines (chemicals in the body that respond to infections).
As soon as the body begins releasing these cytokines for elongated periods (probably
due to chronic stress) it can cause a lot of bad things. However that’s not all – apart
from truncating the body’s ability to stand against heal wounds and infections, chronic
inflammation likewise increases the risks of osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases (like
type 2 diabetes) and heart diseases.
Additionally, considering the fact that chronic immune responses are caused by regular
stress, the risks of a person’s allergies can also be increased in turn. This actually occurs
when the body releases a chronic immune response to a less harmful factor like pollen.
In a very recent study, Kiecolt-Glaser discovered that when people are compelled to a
lot of stress, (like when they need to speak to large audiences or are just about to make
a very important move) their allergies tend to get worse after a day.
 Dealing with stress
Honestly, even though most illness prevention provisions claim to be harmless, some
simple relaxation techniques will always be a better choice. In more sense, you should
feel happy not bad to rest as your body will always treat you better in return.
Alternatively, consider visiting a Mental Health Counselor for quick and best results.
They can help you pinpoint what activity is responsible for your stress and provide you
with ideal routines to relax and evade stress. Hence if you or any of your loved ones is
experiencing stress, stop worrying and get help of a mental health counselor to lead and
healthier life.

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