The Resilient Nature

Everybody faces obstacles, challenges and endures physical and emotional pain.  We all look for any kind of rhyme or reason for why this is happening to us.  We wish we knew answers to questions we seek to feel comfort. “Will I ever find another relationship”, “Will I become successful” , “how is my life going to unfold”.  Our minds can often wonder around aimlessly and leads us right to stress.  Which in turn can distract us, fatigue us, and depress us.  If you spend your time worrying about everything that’s going on in your life then your time that could be used doing something productive, will go to waste.  Sometimes a 20 minute meditation to slow down your racing mind can increase your productivity immensely and achieve much more in your time, then trying to rush through it all.  You can refocus yourself to concentrate on one task at a time and stop all the other worries in life from taking the wheel. It’s your brain and your mind.  You can control it, you just need the tools on how.

What I do is carry around a small notepad. No bigger than the size of my pocket. And when I can feel myself stressing out at work, I will write down what’s on my mind.  Then I will write down a percentage out of 100% on what’s more important than the others. Then I will write my plan of attack beside each worry and give it a time or day that I will focus on that task. If deadlines are coming up, I will write down what needs to be done in order to complete it all. I would then I will go for a break. I will shut my eyes and meditate by focusing on my body. Nothing else. Just feel my body and the chair that’s supporting me. I will envision myself as a strong, energetic and ambitious person and feel myself gaining strength.  When I am ready, I will subconsciously tell myself that I will complete these tasks one step at a time.  No matter the speed or time that it takes, it will get completed and it will be perfect.

You will find that an eased mind is a strong mind. You will think clearer and problem solve faster. You will gain more energy because you’re not wasting it worrying about other tasks that need to be completed. You are only one person and once you realize that mistakes happen and problems will go away you can concentrate and when this is achieved you will find that you will soon get ahead in life because things are getting done much easier and faster. Train yourself mentally for a more successful and fulfilling life.  I recently started exercising  for 30 minutes a day.  even just a simple walk will increase your brain activity immensely.  Or, if you have a treadmill or elliptical you can also jog for 10 minutes at a time 3x a day.  it’s all up to you on how you want to approach this.  in the end I can’t make you do it, but if your reading this I’m sure 95% of you are wanting change in your life and are searching for answers on how to achieve it.  you need to read all my posts to see that it is possible for you to become successful and overall happy in your life.  I recently started my own electrical company and I’m striving in my career to free myself from financial stress.  this was all obtained through everything I have posted on this site.  I want you all to feel the same way as I do today after picking myself up from rock bottom.  remember that nobody cares what you did 3 years ago, its tomorrow that matters most.



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3 thoughts on “The Resilient Nature

  1. That’s good. I am finding that physical activity seems to allow me to work off the adrenaline high that


  2. which is why my mind races many times. I use a combination of both. Blessings!


    1. I’m trying my best to get in atleast 30 min of walking a day myself! Hope your doing well!


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