Take the bad with the good

Bad days are inevitable it seems.  Everyone tends to have them once in awhile. During the course of recovery or when battling a mental illness, these bad days can become 100x worse than they actually are.  Those old feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, inferior, or shame tend to creep back in after days or even weeks of feeling healthy.  We need to remind ourselves that it’s ok to feel sad, down, or grumpy.  These are normal, everyday feelings that everyone deals with.  Not everything will go our way all the time but we can deal with it in a more healthy manner.  Feel sad and grumpy for a short period of time, it’s ok!  Maybe put on some sad music and remind yourself that music is there for times like this.

Read my post on “the liar inside us” as I explain how to write journals on your emotions.  The key is to be your own compassionate best friend during your bad day. Nobody else can control how you feel except for you.  Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you’re no good; You are deserving of love.  Remember that you are a miracle already, in that you are able to exist.

Rejection can trigger old insecurities about yourself that play a big role in your self esteem. Because of this, a lot of us will not take risks or attempt something that could lead to a life changing moment.  During your process of recovery, embrace the moments of rejection and think of these moments as a stepping stone or in other words adversity blocking your path of happiness.  If we can learn to face rejections head on, digest, and move on then we can become unstoppable.

Babe Ruth is one of our great home run hitters in history.  But Babe also led the league in strikeouts.  We remember him for his greatness, and his ability to hit the long ball, instead of his many failures to make contact with the ball in the first place.

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