Pursuit of happiness

We’ve all heard this term once or twice before.  To some, it may seem like an impossible goal to reach. What is happiness? Is it short lived, momentarily, or long term.  In my opinion, if your having more bad days than good, something may need to be changed or altered.  Everyone experiences bad days here and there, it’s a normal emotion to feel upset or angry.  If we didn’t have those bad days, how could we tell which days were the good ones?  The key is to remain positive.  If I am experiencing a bad day I write down what has happened in a small journey I keep.  I will write how I felt, what were my initial thoughts? I will also give them a value in percentage 1-100.  100 being the worst I’ve ever felt.  Now beside each thought or feeling I wrote down, I will write a response to each one, as if I were talking to a friend experiencing these emotions and events.  I will then put a value of how truthful I meant, when I tell them that.  The goal here is to physically see how hard we can all be on ourselves at times of disparity.  We think that when we go through hard times we deserve it or we aren’t good enough and so on.  The idea is to learn self love.  Be your own best friend.  Do you think your the only person in the world that has gone through a bad day? Of course not.  So why make yourself feel even worse then you do?  Be kind to yourself. You are a living miracle just like everyone else on this planet. You’ve hit the lottery already by being able to exist!  Your chances of being born in this particular era is about 1 in 400,000,000,000.  Your pretty lucky don’t you think?  Embrace the bad days and learn.  It’s how we grow as humans.  The pursuit of happiness is an idea, that we can be happy all the time.  I’m certainly not happy all the time, but I remain positive, I don’t let small things become large, I can let go of anger a lot faster than I used to, I appreciate the people I have in my life and the things I own, more and more.  And if we can all achieve this, and maintain a stable life.  We can be happy. 

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