“Jared” part 9

His wife was now 9 months pregnant and the aniticipation was building for Jared as he was both excited and nervous for the new baby. The bank account read zero, his job was in jeopardy and his wife had been very distant as of late. Her due date was in 2 weeks from now but the partying had not stopped for him.  He said his cell phone was always on if she needed him on the weekends and figured that was ok with her as long as he answered. She was depending more on her sister to help her at this point and couldn’t trust Jared to be there for her anymore. He was a completely different person in her eyes.

She had the baby on a Sunday morning and Jared had been drinking all weekend. He was a complete mess and had to force himself to stay awake but his body was shutting down.  He woke up 3 hours later sitting in a chair at the hospital beside his wife’s bed and missed the birth of his 3rd child.  Feeling ashamed, miserable and depressed.  He decided right then and there it was time to stop and get help.  He held the baby closely and began repeating the words “im sorry” while fighting back tears.  Maybe this was the eye opener he needed in order to get help.  

Weeks pass and he has begun to seek counselling and has managed to stay sober. He was feeling healthy again, almost rejuvenated.  He was quite happier and his wife was starting to enjoy his company.  She was glad he was getting help to stop drinking and so was he. He ignored calls and texts from mark and felt guilty at the same time.  So he txtd mark saying he was busy with the new baby.  Mark quickly replied congrats followed by a “so do you have that 750$ you owe me?” 
Part 10 tomorrow 

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