“Jared” part 8

A month later Jared gets approached by his foreman at work. He calls him into his office and asks him to sit.  The foreman tells Jared he’s concerned with the lack of performance lately and the tardiness with being late and calling in sick. He writes Jared up, says he’s got one more chance, then excuses him.  This infuriates Jared as he thinks there are guys on this site that are far worse than him and they seem to never get in trouble! Why is everything always his fault, and he gets blamed for everything!  As the day goes on he still has these same thoughts lingering in his head and wants to just quit right then and there.  Unfortunately he absolutely needs this job and can’t afford to do that, besides, his wife would kill him if he did, he chuckles to himself.  He decides not to tell his wife about the warning at work as he does not want to spark another arguement like they have been doing a lot of lately.  They were both on edge.  His wife (now 7 months pregnant) was losing her patience with Jared’s partying of late.  But has gotten to the point where she is caring less and less.  She is misable more days than not, and finds herself breaking down periodically.  With two kids and one on the way. She wonders if she’s made the right decisions in life.  Is this it? This was her life now?  It’s not exactly the perfect scenario for anyone with aspiring dreams growing up. Living pay check to pay check and a spouse that seems to think partying is necessary to help relax him.  She rarely sees him anymore on weekends as he either is out drinking or sleeping the day away. Those thoughts run through her head as she does the dinner dishes, tears running down her cheeks, as she watches them fall into the water as if it were in slow motion.  This was the only time she could get alone time from the kids it seems. When she’s doing chores and Jared watches tv with them.  It was like being a single mother with 3 children, with no money, and the feelings of hopelessness running through her head all the time. She has to stop washing. Fighting back the urge to scream, she takes a breathe. Sniffles a few times. Then carries on…..

To be continued

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