“Jared” part 7

Jared gets home after quite the adventure, and heads straight for the shower to help himself calm down.  His wife hears him from downstairs and waits patiently to hear this story of why there is money missing. While in the shower Jared is breaking down into tears and is feeling extremely depressed at the moment from all the bad things he’s done in the past few months.  He feels a large number of emotions and is beating himself up inside. He drys off, heads downstairs and approaches his wife.  With a sobbing voice he tells her that he made a big mistake by betting a coworker on a baseball game.  His wife immediately questions the entire statement as she knows he doesn’t watch baseball nor gets along with his coworkers.  But Jared defends and defends, and sticks to his story.  He apologizes, and says those famous words I’m sure we’re all familiar with “it won’t happen again, I promise“.  She let’s it go, still not 100% believing his story but Jared hasn’t lied to her before, why would he start now? Unless he’s been lying to her this entire time, she starts to question.

The next few weeks Jared’s mood has began to change drastically.  He was much more uptight at work, did not speak to anyone and tried to isolate himself as much as possible.  His work had started to decline in efficiency and tasks that took him 2 hours before are turning into an all day event.  He was absolutely miserable and difficult to be around.  He started listening to sader music,  stopped watching shows he used to love, and was neglected his own children at times.  His wife was beginning to get really concerned about his well being and asks him if everything was alright.  Jared claims he’s fine and just had a busy week at work.  On weekends he still hangs with mark, the partying becomes almost routine and the only time Jared was remotely happy was when he was either drunk, high or both.  The next few days after the come down are getting worse and worse.  He would stay in bed. Sleep most of the weekend away, and barely eat anything at all.  His wife was drawing major concern at this point, but every time she asks about his well being it fuels an argument and Jared gets extremely defensive.  Claiming he’s always working and supporting everyone in this house, he says he needs his time to unwind.

The following weekend him and mark plan to get together for drinks at a lounge.  They down a few beers, put back some nachos and decide their ready to call their dealer and head to Mark’s.  They both get up to pay the bill in a rush to get going, mark pays his bill with cash then Jared inserts his debit.  Puts in his pin and sees the words “Decline” on the screen. He begins to laugh nervously and asks if he can try it again.  He was certain there was money in the account and the bill was only 28$.  Sure enough he reads decline again.  Mark laughs like it was no big deal, he grabs Jared’s tab and says he can pay him back another time.  Usually someone would be concerned at this point but Jared was about 6 beers deep already and the amount of care in his head right now was minimal.  He only cares about grabbing more beer at this point.

They get to Mark’s  and shortly after arrives the dealer.  Jared had no money and asked mark if he could borrow a few bucks.  Mark had no problem at all, and away they went. Spending hours and money on nothing.  This, is what has become routine for Jared.

Part 8 tomorrow

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  1. Love this. by the way:

    I nominated you for the one lovely blog award because I love your blog go check it out at https://apunkwithms.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/one-lovely-blog-nomination/
    xo Becca

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