“Jared” part 5

The next day Jared woke up with a splitting headache and felt weak. He was shaking and struggling just to open the fridge door to get juice.  His wife asked what time he had gotten home. Jared replied “midnight” counting on the fact that his wife usually went to bed early. The truth was he staggered in around 5 am, and was now up at 7:30 to help feed the kids. Just as he was about to head back to bed.  His wife told him to make sure the house was cleaned and the kids are bathed, as they were expecting his brother’s family over for 1pm.  He had totally forgotten he was having them over this weekend and made an effort to shake off the hangover with a lot of water, a few advils, and a shower.

The guests arrive and Jared starts drinking again with his brother. The first beer was painful for him, but after the 4th he was feeling pretty good. He hadn’t   eaten much, maybe a bagel or two and found himself feeling pretty good at the 5th beer.  The meal went good, the kids went off to play and the adults stayed outside socializing.  Jared was mid conversation with Pat when he lost focus all of a sudden, and started thinking about how good a line would be right now.  Just to wake him up a bit and be able to stay up later with Pat as well. 2-3 hours of sleep and no nap would be hard to function with.  He remembers he got Mark’s dealers number last night and shoots him a quick txt.

So now this has gotten to a part where Jared is in trouble. He is now reaching for a drug after he’s had 5-6 beers and craving it. The “feeling tired” is an excuse to “need it”, the drug from last night still being in his system and now going through withdrawal is telling him that he needs more to feel good again. He could easily stop drinking and maybe have a coffee, but the bad decisions come when you introduce a substance to the brain. Jared is not in full control of the driver seat. 

Sure enough the dealer pops by, a quick exchange in the front street while everyone was still in the back and Jared finds himself in the bathroom doing lines again.  Around midnight, pat’s wife decides it’s about time to leave as Pat was feeling pretty good at this point.  So they end up leaving,  Jareds wife and kids head to bed and he stays up somewhat wide awake until 5-6 am.

Monday morning he leaves for work and he could not be anymore tired. His motivation was completely gone and forgot to even pack himself a lunch. It was a long morning for him and filled with a lot of mistakes that the foreman called him out on. This wasn’t like Jared. His work was always to perfection and he seemed to get things done a lot quicker than the rest of the guys.  Jared’s excuse was that he wasn’t feeling the greatest and didn’t get much sleep over the weekend.  So the foreman let him off the hook as he understood that being sick can affect sleep, and Jared has always been reliable in the 4 years he’s Been there.  After the short meeting with the foreman he hears a text message come through on his phone, it’s his wife. His heart began to beat outside his chest.

“Why is there a transfer of 150$ from our account, to a guy named Zach Wesley”
To be continued ..

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