“Jared” part 4

Mark asked Jared what he was up to this evening, to which he replied, nothing much, rather quickly.  Mark was having a few friends over at his place for a couple beers and watching the UFC fights on pay per view.  He extended an invite Jared’s way and told him to keep in touch.  With an awkward smile walking back to his car jared felt a little happy about the invite.  He couldn’t recall the last time someone made him feel so welcome and a part of a group.  Maybe he could meet more friends, after all he’d been controlling his drinking as of late and is confident he would do the same if he went too.

Jared gets home, puts the groceries and beer away. Then sits on his couch, flicks on the television to watch something. Same boring stuff on. His wife starts dinner and the kids were having a sleep over at their friends house.  He sat there and kept thinking about the invite to mark’s.  He was curious at what his wife would say if he brought it up.  Nervously he brings it up as casual as possible to which his wife made a not so happy reaction back to him.  Jared pleaded his case saying how good he was with the drinking as of late and it was only one time he has gotten carried away.  She finally caves in and says go ahead, but when the fights were done she would be expecting him home shortley.  “No problem!” He replied and texted mark that he would be joining them. Jumped in the shower, grabbed his beer and off he went.


Mark has a hold of Jared simply because he offered him something Jared hasn’t felt before which is part of a group.  He never had more then 1 or 2 friends growing up so this was a big deal to him.  His wife doesn’t understand that even though he was isolated as a child growing up, it’s still impacting his life and decision making today.

Mark opens the door and welcomes Jared in to meet the guys. There’s 5 others there with Mark and they all seemed to make Jared feel as welcome as possible.  He was having a great time, it felt so good to finally belong somewhere with the guys.  The last fight was about to come on and they all got up quickly and Jared heard, “Dinger time”. Wondering where they were going, Mark told Jared to come with. They get to the kitchen and one of Mark’s friends pulls out a ziplock bag full of cocaine.  It was obvious he was the dealer and oddly enough probably the nicest guy there. They all do a line, including Jared and sit back down to watch the last fight of the night.  They are really into this fight now, at times even excitedly standing up. It was hard for Jared to even pay attention to this fight they were so loud, and all he was thinking was when they were going to do another line.

The fights end, and Jared is down to his last beer out of the 6 he brought.  Which was a good excuse to get out of there and head home.  But Mark was adamant Jared stayed a bit longer. He had a pool table downstairs and surround sound to blast music. Jared agreed but insisted on leaving after only a couple more brews. The music is loud, the conversations are starting to sound way off topic fron sports, to politics, to movies. Jared found himself talking to the coke dealer.  He told Jared to put his number in his phone and to keep in touch to hang out.  They were getting along easily and dumping out blow every once in awhile. And now Jared was really feeling the intensity of the drug as he was feeling this euphoria unimaginable.  His anxiety was gone.  His shyness was gone. He felt like this drug allowed him to finally live without any fears at all. He was the king of his world.  And the best part was (in his mind), is that he felt like he belonged somewhere.

To be continued….

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