“Jared” part 3

With an awkward silence in the air as Jared looked at them all.  His wife breathed a sigh of relieve and quickly ran over to Jared and gave him a hug.  She was filing a missing persons report with the officer and was puffy eyed from crying all night, worrying about her husband. The officer left shortly after, and the kids went off to school.  His wife knew where he was from the smell of beer that covered the entire room.  So she didn’t even ask where he was, she instead warned him that if he ever disappeared like that again, she would take the kids to her parents house with her. Jared felt so ashamed and disappointed in himself for getting carried away last night. He quickly apologized that it won’t happen again, and that he will not talk to mark ever again.  Jared had a hangover for a couple days, but things seemed back to normal. His wife had moved on from the other day, she was back to her old self. But Jared wasn’t as talkative as he was before. He seemed distant, almost ghostly to everyone.  Even when the kids were play fighting and yelling in the house he didn’t care to seperate them.  He was still feeling ashamed of what he had put his pregnant wife through and beating himself up inside.


Jared is dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine.  Depression comes with withdrawal due to the brain releasing the chemical “Dopamine” on demand, which is what cocaine triggers to make us feel a great deal of happiness. Once the drug is finished doing it’s job, the brain cannot release anymore dopamine naturally, so it’s deficiency leads us to sadness.  This usually will linger for 48 hours if it is inhaled through the nose.

His wife suggests that Jared shouldn’t drink anymore and that maybe he’s developing a drinking problem.  He quickly laughs and denies every single word.  He claims to have only got carried away because he was with mark.  He can control his drinking no problem!

Well, weeks go by and Jared has been coming home as of late with a 6 pack of beer.  He’ll drink 1 or 2 after supper and usually goes to bed around 9. Proving this point to his wife, he starts to regain confidence.  Feeling like he had everything under control; The guys at work had backed off as of late, and the restaurant owner had just promoted him. Things couldn’t get any better for Jared. He finally feels like life has turned around for him and he was enjoying it.

It was the Friday of a long weekend and Jared was excited to have his brother Pat and his family over for dinner Saturday.  He picked up steaks, hot dogs, and a whole bunch of burgers all the while humming a tune in his head.  He just had one more stop to make at the vendor to pick up beer for Saturday. Knowing his brother likes beer he figures a 24 pack should do, as he laughs to himself.  He grabs the case and waits in line.  As he reaches for his phone he hears his name. “Jared!” . It was Mark.
To be continued

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