“Jared” part 2

As soon as Jared was about to drive away, he heard a knock on his passenger window. It was his friend, the bartender. He asked if he could call a taxi to get home.  It was a close call for Jared this time, and he knew it riding in the backseat of that cab. Once he got home his wife was standing in the living room, puffy eyes from crying and didn’t say a word to him. They both went to bed.

Few weeks have gone by and Jared was again feeling down again from working so much. He had picked up a few extra shifts at the fast food restaurant to buy groceries for everyone and even flowers for his wife. But he needed to escape, he was breaking down and was starting to wonder how that bartender was doing.  The following day after work he called his wife and asked if he could stop in at the bar. She agreed only if he came home for supper. “Absolutely” he replied with a slight smile growing on his face.  Sure enough, when he walked through the doors he saw his buddy the bartender. Only he wasn’t behind the bar, instead he was sitting with a beer in hand at the bar talking to a waitress. Jared went and sat down nervously on the opposite side since the bartender was off duty and technically didn’t have to engage in conversation.  “Jared!” He heard from across the bar.  “Come have a drink with me!” The two of them seemed like they didn’t miss a beat. Both laughing and cracking jokes. Jared even caught the bartenders name finally from the waitress.  Mark was his name, and partying was his game.

Time seemed to stand still for Jared and when he looked at his phone to see the time it was almost 7:30pm. Along with 20 missed calls and a few explicit texts from his wife. He downed his beer, shook hands with Mark and off he went. “Wait!” He heard coming the bar.  Mark gestured for him to come back.  He said that Jared was in no condition to drive and said he had something to sober him up.  Jared said great! What is it? Mark led the way to the men’s washroom and dumped a bag of cocaine on the counter.  Jared had never done drugs before. Maybe the odd joint back in high school. But certainly not cocaine. Mark told him one line of this would set him straight and his wife wouldn’t even know he was drinking.  Sounded appealing to Jared, besides, you can’t get addicted off of just doing it once he figured.  The two did a line each and feeling the burn in the nostrils, Jared immediately felt the sensation of the drug. He felt alive and happy like he hasn’t felt in a really long time.  Before he could even process the new feeling, mark had already dumped more onto the counter.  The conversation picked back up and mark convinced Jared to stick around for another beer.  Figuring that he was already late for supper and in trouble with his wife already, what difference does it make if he’s out late tonight.

My observation: 

The process has begun and is picking up momentum. For anyone that thinks just doing a drug one time wouldn’t get you addicted is insanely nieve and unaware of the powerful effects they can have on the brain.  The fact that he seen no harm in staying longer is the drugs way of convincing him to stay and keep this happy feeling as long as possible. 

It is 12:30 now, they were out of cocaine and Jared had spent his last dollar on a beer.  Jared was talking to himself consciously about just heading home and getting some sleep before he had to wake up at 6 AM the next morning for work.  Soon after that thought had finished mark claimed to have beer back at his place which was a 15 minute walk.  Jared figured it would be a better idea to sleep there then drive home.  That was his reasoning for quickly agreeing to go.

It’s 415 AM now and the beer is all gone. Mark is slowly passing out on the couch and Jared is sitting there left alone with his thoughts.  He doesn’t know what to do. He looks at his phone and sees the missed calls and is now panicking.  He has no money for a cab ride home, he has not slept, and is still intoxicated.  He tries to calm himself down, almost in tears at this point realizing how badly he screwed up and heads out the door.  He decides to walk back to his vehicle and go home.

After calling his foreman and telling him he was sick, he drove home.  As he pulls up to his home he notices a police car parked a couple doors down. He’s convincing himself it has nothing to do with him and starts thinking of excuses to tell his wife what had happened. As he opens the door to go inside, he sees two police officers standing next to his wife and kids.
To be continued…..

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