“Jared” part 1

Jared was working 2 jobs supporting 2 kids and his pregnant girlfriend. One job was a full time job doing labour work for a construction company and the other was at a fast food restaurant. Jared was always a quiet guy at work, minded his own business, hard working and motivated. But at the construction sites he left himself quite vulnerable to verbal bullying. When someone would call him a nasty name, he would laugh nervously and put his head down. He hated confrontation, probably because he was dealing with anxiety especially around people. He just wanted to be left alone while working but the guys kept on him and would not stop harassing him. Blaming him when things went wrong and Jared just kept smiling anxiously. He needs this job. He can’t afford to quit, though he would love nothing more, it’s just not possible with baby number 3 on the way. Not wanting his wife to worry he comes home smiling, relieved to see his wife and kids and feel their love.
After dinner, he looks at the clock to see how much time he gets to be happy, before starting all over again at the site. He’s dreading the next day, everyday, all the time. On weekends he works his other job which, to him, is somewhat embarrassing considering his co-workers were all 16. (Even his boss was 8 years the younger).


Sounds to me like his mind is constantly racing and never having a chance to slow down. Always worrying, and is stressed beyond belief. I can tell hes depressed even though he might know it just yet. There’s obviously the anxiety that’s preventing him from standing up for himself along with low self-esteem. This is the the recipe for the perfect storm. 

After a long day at work, Jared asked his wife if he could stop at a nearby bar for a drink. His wife agreed that it may do him some good to relax. Relieved to hear that, he stops in for a beer. The bartender was a really friendly guy and the two started up a great conversation together. After a few beers and a handshake Jared went home. The next day was even worse, as the guys purposely hid his tools as a prank and threw out his lunch as a “joke”. Jared got in trouble with the foreman for his missing tools, then had to watch everyone else eat as there were no restaurants nearby. What a day. Instead of calling his wife and letting her know where he was. He went straight to the bar. Saw his friend the bartender and told him about his day. The bartender listened to every word Jared had to say and cracked some jokes about Jared’s co-workers. Laughing historically, Jared was in a much better mood and stayed longer than he probably should have, especially with a pregnant wife worrying sick about him not being home. So, after about 5 hours and 9 beers later. He decides he should probably head home. Grabs his car keys, tips the bartender and heads towards the door. Feeling pretty drunk at this point, he remembers he didn’t even eat today. “Once he gets home, he’s making the biggest sandwich he’s ever made” is all he can think of. As he stumbles to his car and gets in. He pops in a piece of gum. And starts the engine…

To be continued

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